Visiting the Village

“I venc’ no la tocia, ‘l tarlùi stash lontàn”

Luigi Canori’s song tells the truth:
The winds don’t touch her, the lightning stays away…

This sentence is written in the “Ladin language” which is spoken in Val di Fassa, Badia, Gardena, Fodom (Arabba) and Cortina d’Ampezzo (Ampezzano).

The village of Moena

The position of Moena, like that of the Val di Fassa, is privileged.
Set in the central area of the Dolomites, open to three passes, Sella, Pordoi and Fedaia, which put it in rapid communication with the most popular places, from Gardena to Badia, from Cordevole to Cadore.

Moena also benefits from the proximity of Predazzo which opens the route of Rolle and San Martino di Castrozza, to the Costalunga pass and the pass of San Pellegrino which leads, in half an hour, to the Belluno area.

For those who travel by car there are no difficulties or time constraints, just consult a simple road map to discover the infinite variety of choices.

Otherwise, there are coaches from the relevant organisations, and taxis.
The refuges, close by or further away, are also very well known, and so are the climbing routes for rock climbers.

But it is also possible that today, in these mechanised times, there are still those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a simple walk, that allows one to learn more about the country.

Setting out on foot from Moena, it is possible to reach Soraga and Someda with their Dolomite views and gentle meadows; it is also easy to experience the “route of the two huts” (Roncàc and Panna) which combines woodland charm with more tangible gastronomic seductions.

Without going too far, you can climb to the Church which is one way to get to know the heart of this village. The road climbs gently up the hill, flanked by luxuriant greenery. The large cross at the beginning emphasises the perspective of the two churches, the old one in San Volfango, small and plain in its centuries-old simplicity, and the large new one, dedicated to the patron saint San Vigilio.

In addition to its privileged position and the wonderful landscapes that characterise it, Moena offers tourists and holidaymakers many comforts that allow everyone to have a good time: from children who can enjoy meadows, a playground, toy shops; grandparents who can walk without getting short of breath and can play bowls at all hours; young people who can combine tennis with alpine sport or swimming; and finally the ladies who can gaze into tempting shop windows; and then there are (like everywhere today) pizzerias, ice-cream parlours, pastry shops, taverns and the like.