The Dolomites area… On the ski slopes

Today, skiing requires long runs, freedom of movement and fast lifts: Moena has responded to this need by creating premier infrastructure, exploiting the most suitable areas with intelligence and without harming the mountain.

A 5-minute walk from the centre is the Sorte school camp, served by a moving stairway, which is perfect for those who are beginning from scratch or want to start off quietly and safely.

Long-distance skiing can be found at Alpe Lusia (5 minutes by car from the centre of Moena). Taking the cable car from this area, in 3 minutes you can reach Valbona (altitude 1,814 m).

From here a second cable car section reaches an altitude of 2,200 m (Le Cune area), an exceptional panoramic observation point where the freedom of descent is immense both on the slope of San Pellegrino and on Val Travignolo.

If you prefer the track that goes back to the cable car station of Ronchi, where the first section starts, go down from 2,200 m to 1,360 m on a gradient which at some points is quite steep, but precisely for this reason preferred by experts in parallels and serpentines.

For those interested in the most evocative views of the Dolomites, composed of spires and rocky cathedrals, there is the San Pellegrino pass which is 12 km from Moena (it can be reached by a national road which is constantly kept clear of snow).

Whatever your destination, you will have at your disposal two cable cars, 10 automatic lifts and several ski lifts (located for longer or shorter distances), which will allow you to reach the desired slopes.

Obviously, in a winter sports resort like Moena, there is a ski school made up of very good instructors ready to provide both group and individual courses for adults and children.