In this enchanted place, home to fairies and more or less evil gnomes, but mysterious and inaccessible, the mountains crown the beautiful landscape.

Mountaineering is an age-old sport.

The first climbs were made at the end of the nineteenth century, by Austrians and British.

Then at the beginning of the twentieth century began the very long series of exploits of local mountaineers, often engaged in a sort of competition with Austrians, Germans and British, to claim the first ascents of the most beautiful and challenging peaks.

Statistics show that every summer at least one million people frequent the alpine refuges in Trentino and that a good part of them go to higher altitudes, climbing peaks or crossing glaciers along routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

Sports Climbing

The rock faces at the bottom of the valley can be thought of as gyms in which to exercise your body, refine your approach to the verticality of the rock, and test your concentration and ability to sense the limit.

When simple skill has become confidence, the game moves from the bottom of the valley to the high mountains, to the most beautiful and challenging walls, which are interpreted innovatively by young climbers.

Many of the more than 150 Trentino Alpine Guides also specialise in teaching sport climbing, while courses and advanced training sessions are organised during the summer by the many active schools.