Hiking -Trekking

Since more than 53% of Trentino’s surface area is covered by forests and mountain pastures, marked by a network of more than 7 thousand kilometres of paths, dotted with 140 mountain huts, made unique by the Dolomites (defined by the architect Le Corbusier as the most beautiful natural sculpture in the world), what better place to lace up your boots, put on your backpack and head for the mountains??

From a simple walk of a few hours to a hike of several days, punctuated by dawns and sunsets admired from the mountain huts at high altitude, the mountains of Trentino are something to be experienced.


Finding your way in unknown areas, using your skill and precision in reading the topographic map, finding the right direction with the compass, passing through a series of compulsory points; all this in the shortest time possible, running towards the finish line through the woods and meadows.

Orienteering is a sport – born not surprisingly in the countries of the deep north, where orienteering in the flat tundra is indispensable – which, practised at a competitive or simply amateur level, has had a rapid development in Trentino since the end of the seventies.

Areas such as the Plateau of Lavarone, Folgaria and Luserna or that of Piné and the Valle di Non are particularly suitable for this sport, in which physical skills are combined with the responsiveness of reflexes and precision, and so it is not always the fastest runner who wins.

Every summer in Trentino there are numerous competitions, including international ones, and there are also events open to all guests of all ages, who want to try a unique experience; the Centres provide special maps of the different areas and compasses, the basic tool of the discipline.

Orienteers have now discovered mountain bikes as faithful companions for their races in search of “lanterns”: a way to increase the enjoyment of the sport even more.