For cycling enthusiasts, Trentino also offers a wide range of choices, with extremely varied itineraries.

Altogether thousands of kilometres of roads are available for every taste.

The most famous rides you can do are the Four Dolomite Passes, a real sporting feat around the Sella massif, in the heart of Monte Pallidi.

In the Adige Valley along the river and in the side valleys the Autonomous Province of Trento has created numerous cycle paths, most of which are protected.

A perfect opportunity to cycle along the most beautiful and interesting routes.

Mountain Bike

Imported from the United States, the mountain bike has quickly become the companion for tens of thousands of lovers of two wheels and the freedom that can be found off the tracks, away from the paved roads.

Ribbed tyres and gearboxes with a wide range of ratios help pedalling even on the steepest slopes – but be aware, in the end, it’s always legs, lungs and training that make the difference, even if recently the use of assisted pedalling equipment is revolutionising the way we experience this fantastic sport.

Despite its almost zero environmental impact, mountain biking cannot be practised everywhere; alpine trails, for example, are off-limits, so as not to create situations of conflict with hikers and damage to the delicate mountain ecosystem.

Where they exist, restrictions are indicated; while there are over 7,000 kilometres of unpaved forest roads closed to car traffic, for use by mountain bikers.