A Trentino reality

Càvit was born in the fifties when the region’s winemakers felt the need to offer the best Trentino wines in Italy and around the world.
In a short time this extensive network of 12 wineries with 5,450 winegrowers, who together cover 70% of the region’s wine production, grew, produced and established itself as one of the premier Italian companies in the world of wine.

Càvit is now 50 years old.

From the headquarters in Ravina, near Trento, the best wines and sparkling wines of the region reach tables all over the world, a testimony of quality production.

In fact, Càvit’s primary objective is the continuous and meticulous pursuit of quality: a quest conducted alongside an exceptional advisor: the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige.

It is here that the qualified oenologists who are entrusted with the heritage of knowledge that leads to the production of the great wines of Trentino are trained.